Ali + Stephen: Botanical Garden

Okay, so this one hit different.

This fall, I had the honor of photographing my best friend’s wedding. (If you can even call it fall because it was a million degrees outside.)

There are a million reasons to love this job, but this one has always taken the cake for me: it introduced me to my very best friend, Alison.

I photographed Ali + Stephen’s engagement session back in May. But we’d only grown closer since then, so naturally this day was highly anticipated.

I’d gotten into town two days before the wedding, and we’d spent most of the next day running wedding errands and acting like fools since it’d been a few months since we’d seen each other (long distance besties… y’all feel me). We got coffee, checked out the venue, picked up flowers, and of course… went to Target.

And then… it was wedding day. It was a much brighter and warmer day than we’d hoped, but honestly very few things can put a damper on watching your best friend get married.

The guest list included only their parents (and Ali’s brother virtually), the reverend, and me. But it was perfect.

And just like that, my bestie was married.

There was champagne popping, lots of hugging, and some of the biggest and most genuine smiles I’d ever seen on everyone’s faces.

We spent the next two hours riding around on a golf cart (until it died) finding all of the best photo ops around the garden.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this was the most special shoot I’ve had to date. I highly recommend photographing your best friend’s wedding 😉

September 16, 2021

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