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Taylor + Taylor: Riverfront Wedding

Taylor + Taylor. Yup, that’s right: two people with the same name marrying each other. Not confusing at all.

I’ve actually known Taylor (the bride) since middle school. So when she reached out to me last year about shooting her wedding in April, I was ecstatic. She informed me that it would be a super tiny wedding with a small handful of people attending and that she would only need me for about two hours. She wasn’t interested in having all of the decorations and details photographed – she really just wanted some photos of her getting married followed by photos with her family. Regardless, I was honored to be asked to be a part of it.

Well, the joke was on me. All of this would later change. Drastically.

They chose to have the ceremony and reception at Taylor’s (the groom’s) grandparents’ riverfront home. And it could not have been more perfect. But by the time the big day rolled around, it just so happened that COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings were beginning to lift quite a bit. This was when it got interesting.

Around 10:00am that day (six hours before the “super tiny wedding”), I received a text from Taylor (the bride) saying to come over for snacks and mimosas. Girl, say less. I’m there.

I would soon discover that the snacks and mimosas were a peace offering to prepare me for the insanely last minute change of plans. This “super tiny wedding” went full-blown wedding day before I even had time to process it. The guest list damn near tripled and they had an entire reception area set up when I arrived. This bride fooled me and she knew it, but she also knew the way to my heart: snacks. So I graciously accepted and got to work.

Needless to say, my work day started much earlier and lasted much longer than originally planned. But it could not have gone any better. With more guests came more joy, more laughs, and more love.

I left that evening with the utmost gratitude that the plans changed. I’m so glad these two chose me to be a part of their unexpectedly crazy day. Here’s to you, Taylor and…. Taylor.

Xo, Cayla

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June 2, 2021

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